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This will be the first time I’ll be taking a folding bicycle for a bike tour. I have no camping gear with me and so this is a ‘credit card tour’. Accommodations will be likely in hostels and hotels and houses. There is not much to pack, and now that this setup exists, it means I can – hopefully – have a kit that is more or less ready to go when I want to go somewhere new and explore. The bicycle fits into a zippered bag that can be checked like any other luggage, and on the bike I have two waterproof roll-top panniers to carry all of my personal effects. On this trip I decided to not take a laptop, so I can hopefully spend more time off-bike with people, walking around, writing or reading a (digital) book.
Most of my inspiration for this type of trip comes from a friend, Andrew, who has traveled extensively all over the globe. He has a folding bike and takes it on trips to places like India, Brazil, Mexico, Albania, Egypt and Indonesia, to name just a few. It has become so casual for him to do this, and I really felt inspired to try this myself. It is a smaller commitment to tour this way as opposed to taking a full-sized and fully-loaded touring bike on a trip. That requires a lot more stuff and more hassle. So this trip will be an experiment to see how much I like this. Andrew and I took a small 4-day tour without camping, this past January in rural Mexico which was fun and low-key. The beauty of a folding bike is compounded by the fact that you can swiftly put it in the trunk of a cab, take it on a train or any type of public transportation if you feel like going elsewhere or want to take a break from biking.



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