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Past writings. 2008. Bicycle touring, remembered.

“A friend of a friend offered to put me up in Santa Cruz. Turns out he lived 9 miles away from town, away from the direction I was traveling the next day, in the most filthy and disgusting domicile I have ever entered in my life. Having lived in a fraternity house, and having experienced all sorts of squalor and shit-life, I have to say that this house in the hills was the nastiest shit-hole I’ve ever seen. It deserves some writing here. (NOTE: This is not a reflection on my host, who was very kind, and went far out of his way to help me find this place, and to help me find public transport etc.)

“There were 4 cats in the house. Bottles, clothing, hair and other gross matter were strewn about the place. Matt, my host, had a bedroom with a mattress, a desk, a broken computer, and piles of unorganized and dirty clothes, topped with cat hair and sweat. The kitchen floor featured spilled and crusted liquids and sauces, along with dust, hair, dirt and other grossness. The pantry was covered in cobwebs and there was even a dead spider on a packet of oatmeal I tried to extract from the cupboard. Empty pizza boxes and even a bag with half of a loaf of bread that was completely covered in mold were just a few items of note in the kitchen. It was a complete shit-house. There were also broken windows all over the place, into which raccoons crawl into to steal food (this was attested by my host). Although I did not see raccoons, I did watch the cats come in and out of the freezing cold shit palace through the spaces in the door that should have held windows. I slept with my clothes and shoes on, on their couch, luckily with some blankets Matt just washed that day. I considered camping out, but it was so late and sleep was too important.

Yojijukugo. #1.

粗衣粗食 (そいそしょく) [soisoshoku]
(n) shabby clothes and humble meals; frugal [simple] life


Orito pictures the human mind as a loom that weaves disparate threads of belief, memory, and narrative into an entity whose common name is Self, and which sometimes calls itself Perception.


Knowledge exists only when it is given….Like love


from The Thousand Autums of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell.


From our perspective, we should consider examining our own nature–knowledge–culture worldviews and how we are interacting in the earth systems. Certainly, as the world’s largest consumers of oil and natural resources, our automobile culture is symbolic of our imbalance and our dualistic relationship with the earth systems. The corporate culture of automobile racing, for example, is a powerful symbol for the conspicuous consumption of oil for the purpose of entertainment. However, the burning of fossil fuels and subsequent release of carbon dioxide is clearly linked to the earth systems issues of global warming, and is looked at with amazement by human beings in developing countries who, likewise, impact earth systems, but do so simply in a quest for survival. We wonder about the responsibility of Western countries to assist less developed countries in preventing waterborne diseases, famine, and ecological degradation, even as we are guilty of even more egregious acts of irresponsibility concerning the sustainability of the earth.

- Shug.


These sounds emote deeply.


Photos – NH continues.

Realizations – New Hampshire.



Joining my guest, I spent one night inside and had a powerful and overwhelming experience of gratitude. While I greatly enjoy sleeping outdoors and value much about it, the previous night had been 20 degrees F and made for a cold sleep. Spending this following evening in a bed with crisp, dry sheets, without needing to bundle up considerably, and to have a bed to stretch out in, moved me.  It was another reminder to realize how much I had been taking for granted, in regards luxuries in our society that have become expectations for so many people. Gratitude further overwhelmed me for the community and support and abundance surrounding me.


Little to no purchasing from stores was part of life here.  Similarly, money was not a strong focus.


“The earth doesn’t need you at all.”  -Old Turtle


The earth keeps giving; over and over.


One can turn on the tap here and never have to think about water quality.  This is not the case now in many places.


After taking the tent down and sleeping indoors for two evenings, I woke up congested, with snot in my nose, and a hoarse, dry throat.  If the surface and the bedding are comfortable and warm, sleeping outside seems to be preferable in most situations.  Particularly in a wall tent.


Seeing the Forest Rd. neighbor’s property with its architectural gardening and elegant layout has a dramatic and positive effect on me.  The contrast between how properties like this feel in comparison to those with scrap vehicles and unkempt houses, is marked.  I would like to learn how to create spaces like this, and bring that creative process into my life.


Bike rides feel so much different than driving in a car.  The pleasant yet invigorating experience is reinforcement of my desire to live in a place where car-free life is possible.


Regular aerobic physical activity is critical to my balance and well-being.  Even dragging heavy logs, chopping firewood, a long day of butchering, or a similar energy-intensive experience is different than an aerobic one.


I can build a small, cozy, ample place to live. No need to worry – just do it.


Having a natural body of water in which to bathe improves the quality of my life greatly.  Even a small pond is amazing.





While awake,
while asleep;
we’re all dreaming.

it’s all a dream.
it’s all a play of mind.

The dream is happening incessantly.
Look  into your thoughts – now.

Each one temporary.
Each, an imagination.

Being unreal and transient,
it would be foolish to  deem them reality.

What would happen,
if I let go?!

I am free.
No one is bounding me.

Too much imputer.